TH Marine

Hydrowave Mr. Crappie® H2 System Package

The all new Mr. Crappie® HydroWave has all natural live action sounds of crappie feeding and bait fish. "I have recorded all of these natural, live-action sounds to make crappie and baitfish COME ALIVE!" - Wally Marshall

  • Brushpile Majic
  • Spider Rigging
  • Frenzy Tight Line
  • Finesse Bait Balls
  • Busting Shad Finesse
  • Power Trolling Frenzy
  • Vertical Structure

Package Contents

  • HydroWave Mr. Crappie® H2 Unit
  • Waterproof Speaker with 14ft Cord
  • Speaker Mounting Hardware
  • Unit Mounting Bracket and Knobs
  • User Guide and Warranty Card

Mr. Crappie® Bait Blaster Underwater Light


  • 18' Weighted Power Cable
  • Green LED Lights
  • 360-degree Illumination
  • 180 LED Design

Mr. Crappie® Crappie Care Water Treatment

Protect your crappie and minnows with Mr. Crappie® Livewell/Bait Tank Treatment Solution

  • Specifically formulated for Crappie, Panfish, Minnows, Shiners, and other Baitfish
  • Keeps your bait healthy and alive
  • Replaces slime coat and helps stop bleeding
  • Non-toxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life
  • Removes Nitrates, Ammonia, Heavy Metals, Chloramines and Chlorine
  • Adds essential electrolytes
  • Available by the bottle or in disposable single-use packets
  • Available in 1oz, 3oz 12-pack, 8oz, 64oz, 128oz (1 Gallon)